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14 April 2010

Hustle & Flow

directed by Craig Brewer

It’s hard out here for a pimp, and for Craig Brewer, getting such an excellent film made was one of those hard things. With the help of John Singleton, Brewer, armed with a fantastic story and supreme acting talent, spits the raw story of one man’s struggle to contribute his verse. Terence Howard nails the performance of his career as DJay, small time pimp scratching out a living in the dirty South. A chance meeting with an old school friend (Anthony Anderson) helps D find a channel for his mode, a vehicle for getting himself heard. Matching Howard’s amazing performance is a heartbreakingly lovely Taraji P. Henson, who has the ability to brighten even the darkest of places. Why didn’t the wonderful Ms. Henson win an Oscar for that, by the way? Shame on you, Academy. Brewer struck out with his sophomore attempt, Black Snake Moan, but it doesn’t affect the bristling energy of one of the finest hip hop films ever made. Mad credit to Al Kapone, Lil Jon, Three 6 Mafia and all members of the musical crew responsible for crafting such a killer soundtrack.

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