What movie was that...?

27 April 2010


directed by Matthew Vaughn

Peter Parker never fucked shit up like the cats in Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn’s wild ride of a comic book film. Props to Mark Millar, who penned the vacuous Wanted (which I loathe in all of its forms), but scores with the tale of a regular kid who invents a super hero alter ego to fight crime and apathy, one awkward brawl at a time. Aaron Johnson is right on as Dave (aka Kick-Ass), but it’s Chloe Moretz who steals the show as Mindy, aka Hit Girl, a pint sized bruiser with a trucker mouth and a fistful of butterfly knives. Hit Girl rolls with Big Daddy, a crazily funny Nicholas Cage, and the duo plan to exact some much obsessed over revenge. The film has holes, but luckily those holes are filled with ballsy awesomeness that gets in your face and doesn’t flinch. Strangely enough, I was watching the news this evening and saw a story about a man who was stabbed while trying to help a woman in trouble, and as he bled out on a sidewalk, a security camera caught dozens of the people simply walking by the poor guy without even checking to see if he was all right, let alone call 911. I couldn’t help but recall the stellar fight sequence in which Kick-Ass does something similar, and when he is accused of being crazy, his reply is cutting and telling. Maybe we can learn a little something from Kick-Ass after all. 

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