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16 April 2010

A Life Less Ordinary

directed by Danny Boyle

Before he was ghost writing memoirs in Roman Polanski films, Ewan McGregor played Robert, a janitor who dreamed of writing the great American trash novel (which I think is Mr. Boyle’s secret desire). When he’s replaced by cleaning robots, Robert kidnaps the boss man’s daughter. In the meantime, two divine social workers are charged with the task of helping the two find true love. I’m talking about Danny Boyle’s cult classic, A Life Less Ordinary, in which Ewan McGregor glows with the brilliance of a star. Maybe it’s because they get on so well together, but Danny Boyle is consistently able to get the best out of McGregor, be it the excellent Shallow Grave or the fantastic Trainspotting. Holly Hunter is genius as O’Reilly, partnered with Jackson (Delroy Lindo) to carry out the Big Man’s orders, and Cameron Diaz is dagger sharp as Celine, spoiled and jaded daughter to Ian Holm. The perfect blend of surreal and pop, Boyle’s A Life Less Ordinary didn’t get much love when it was released, though it doesn’t detract from the magic.
Note: Kudos to Maury Chaykin, who plays Mr. Johnson, the nuttiest and looniest “regular man” I have ever seen. Just splendid. And by the way, I should go on record by saying that any film featuring a Bobby Darin song is most likely going to rank high in my books.

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