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17 April 2010

Ready, Able

directed by Allison Schulnik

It’s hard to describe Allison Schulnik’s stop motion creation for Grizzly Bear’s Ready, Able without using the words creepy, freaky and nightmare-inducing, but let’s try. Allison constructs a truly unique world of beasts and creepily lit forest- damn, I used ‘creepy.’ The beasts transmogrify like creatures from Calvin’s (you know, the buddy of Hobbes?) most excellent nightmares- shit! Whatever, I’m giving up. Allison Schulnik spins a surreal and frightening tale that I’m not quite sure I understand, but I do know you should peep it with the lights on. Grizzly Bear has a number of interesting music videos, including an animated one for their song Deep Sea Diver (directed by Tyler Coburn) that resembles, in an odd way, Eric Anderson’s artwork. Now, if only Eric Anderson would make a few animated shorts, I would be truly happy…
Ready, Able

Deep Sea Diver

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