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12 April 2010

Sin City

directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller

Robert Rodriguez’s love affair with Frank Miller’s graphic novels is as potent as they come in the first of (hopefully) three installments meant to encompass the whole series. Shot on a Texas back lot in like no time, Rodriguez treats Miller’s tales with a bloody reverence befitting such cult classics. Mickey Rourke explodes as Marv, seeing red after a romantic encounter ends in murder, and he gets the frame up. Benicio Del Toro musters all the smarm he can in a truly phenomenal performance, and Clive Owen sinks his teeth into a role that treads the line between righteous and ridiculous. Elijah Wood rocks (and rolls) as the anti-Charlie Brown, a cannibalistic psychopath on the prowl for his next meal, and Rosario Dawson puts on her best goth bitch strut as Gail, leader of a gang of hookers fully intent on protecting their turf. I could go on, from the amazing Bruce Willis to the stomach turning Nick Stahl, to the late Brittany Murphy’s finest performance, but why bother? It speaks for itself, loudly. Sin City is a milestone in film and one of the ultimate comic adaptations. For those of you who doubt RR’s genius (claiming that it was all Miller’s content and style, and blah blah blah) need to see exhibit A in the case for a talented director, exhibit A being the schlockfest that was Frank Miller’s solo directorial effort, The Spirit. It was all Frank Miller’s content and all his stylist choices and, well, you saw what happened to that tragedy. Those of you looking for the real deal, the film that could kick Sky Captain’s eurotrash ass, need look no further than Sin City.

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