What movie was that...?

21 April 2010


directed by Hans-Christian Schmid

If you’re a sucker for realistic legal dramas where nothing too extravagant happens, you will have your fix with Hans-Christian Schmid’s film, Storm, starring Kerry Fox and Anamaria Marinca (of 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days fame). Fox plays Hannah Maynard, heading up a legal battle in The Hague where the prosecution of a Serbian general for war crimes in the former Yugoslavia falls in the shitter after the star witness gets caught with his pants on fire. Enter Mira (Marinca), who knows more than she lets on. Schmid crafts a competent film, and for some crazy reason, I had it in my head that Storm was going to be like all those other overblown, ultra-high tech, unrealistic and shabbily realized legal films. But don’t worry, folks. Schmid avoids snipers, tapped phones, high level clearance break-ins and mysterious deep throat types, instead crafting a tale as undramatic in its attempt at reality as he can. For that, I applaud you, Mr. S.  

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