What movie was that...?

16 April 2010


directed by M. Night Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan has made a career of pulling the wool over his audience’s eyes, and with varying effect. In The Sixth Sense, the novelty had everyone swooning, and in Signs the predictability of the curve ball was acceptable, and in The Village and The Happening, it was aggravating slash enraging, but in Unbreakable, Shyamalan strikes gold. A film that quietly floors you, Unbreakable is one of the finest comic book films ever made, a comic book film about comics themselves, about modern mythology and the kernels of truth that hide behind such fantastic tales. Bruce Willis is phenomenal, as is Samuel L. Jackson, and the silent spaces between Shyamalan’s words speak volumes. It’s one of those films that, when it ends, leaves with a feeling that you can’t quite articulate, but feel intensely, a feeling that lingers. Be ready.

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