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21 April 2010

Unmade Beds

directed by Alexis Dos Santos

Alexis Dos Santos may not ring any bells, but in his new film, Unmade Beds, he scores one for the romantic indie film lover in all of us. Strange that I just recently devoted a review to Zach Braff’s treasure, Garden State, and here is another film just as hopeful, just as sentimental and (secretly) optimistic as Braff’s admirable feat. Dos Santos tells the story of Carlos, a Spanish teenager looking for his absent father in London, and Vera, a semi-jaded young woman in the throes of a quarter life identity crisis. Fernando Tielve was excellent as young Carlos in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone (if you haven’t watched his film, do so immediately), and he does not disappoint as the vulnerable, lost in the underground Axl, searching for a father and, he hopes, some solace. Deborah Francois is fabulous as Vera, also lost in the underground, searching for a pure romance that she risks losing forever. This was one of those films for which I had zero expectations other than curiosity, and when it ended, I felt somehow moved and surprised. Once again, The Burton Theatre knows what I want even before I do. Thanks, sirs. 

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