What movie was that...?

06 April 2010


directed by Ben Stiller

One of my all time favorite Ben Stiller films, not to mention one of the most underappreciated (in its time) comedies of the past decade, Zoolander has a ball lampooning hipster culture, celebrity culture, culture culture and whatever else Stiller can get his hands on. He’s like Brando in The Wild One. “What are you parodying?” and Stiller replies “What do you got?” Following up the fantastic Reality Bites and the ahead of its time The Cable Guy, Stiller spins a new version of The Manchurian Candidate, this time using the ruthless world of male modeling as his backdrop. Owen Wilson, actually acting for one of the few times in his career (not just playing various versions of himself, Vince Vaughn and Jack Nicholson style) is totally hot right now as Hansel, part nemesis, part best friend to Stiller’s Derek. Chock full of priceless cameos, including Jon Voight (uproarious), Vince Vaughn (supreme), David Bowie (glamorous) and Billy Zane (too school for school, my friend). And peep a sinister Justin Theroux as the evil DJ, and a wonderfully intense Andrew Wilson as Hansel’s corner man during the walk-off. Truly a side splitter, Zoolander takes the cake as one of Stiller finest films. Stiller succeeded in this endeavor a second time with Tropic Thunder, but it will take a few years for it to catch on. Give it time, Mr. S. The world is barely ready for Magnum as it is.

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