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17 May 2010

Back to the Future (Sweded)

directed by Team Bullet Time

Sadly, there are very few things that I actually liked about Michel Gondry’s filmic disappointment, Be Kind, Rewind. I loved the Swedes, however, and something I enjoyed more than Gondry’s Swedes are the ones he inspired, the ones you find all over YouTube. What are Swedes, you ask? They are the ultra low-fi, super imaginative, hyper distilled and affectionate uber-mockeries of films we all know and love. In Gondry’s film, Jack Black and Mos Def (both wasted, BTW) coin the term as they attempt to remake all the movies in a video store after Black erases them all.  In real life, Swede is the term others have adopted to categorize their own affectionate parodies of classic films. The net is full of such inferior and amateur renditions of old favorites, but in real life, no Swede is as swede (see what I did there? Not as easy as it looks.) as Team Bullet Time’s Back to the Future. From the hand composed soundtrack, to the ludicrously brilliant Doc Brown explaining how the time machine runs on the “capacitator”, the blistering 90 seconds that follow are as fantastic as anything in Gondry’s film. I could go on and on about all of the inside jokes, magical teasing and inspired filmmaking going on in this short, but I would ruin all the fun. Just watch it, and if you are thirsty for more, check out the tremendous Swede for Predator. There are a plethora of wannabes, and most of them fall way short, but these two understood the spirit of Gondry’s vision and have made unique additions to that work.

Predator (Sweded)

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