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16 May 2010

Endless Summer

directed by Bruce Brown

Most surfing films, especially Endless Summer’s contemporaries, were nothing more than informative filmic chronicles of various locations or talents, made for a niche crowd of enthusiasts. Surfer Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer was a surfing film that transcended the common constrictions most other films of the sort found themselves battling. Perhaps because it was made by a surfer, much like Stacey Peralta’s insider perspective made the classic doc Dogtown and Z-Boys such a powerful film, but Endless Summer is a film that speaks to the inner Keanu in all of us. Yes, films like Super Session are much more rock and roll, Stacey Peralta’s Riding Giants is possibly cooler and Bustin’ Down the Door is more definitive in terms of iconic surfing talent, and there are hoards of underground mixtape films that feature some the of the hottest shit you have ever seen, but none of them do it with the casual grace, humor, and serenity of Brown’s Endless Summer. The sequel is also a wonderful film and features wonderful camera work, but the original taps into the kind of magic that is rarely duplicated. Brown’s son Dana made a killer surfing doc a few years ago called Step Into Liquid, which is also worth a view for anyone even remotely interested in surfing and surfing culture.

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