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19 May 2010

The Faculty

directed by Robert Rodriguez

He has been making a lot of questionable but fun films for children these days, but Robert Rodriguez used to make some pretty balls out action movies, too. El Mariachi was a low-fi treasure, and Desperado birthed the enragingly cool El in his essential form, played to perfection by Antonio Banderas. And there was Sin City, a technical milestone and one of the finest comic book films ever made. But a lot of people forget about his slick popcorn horror film, The Faculty, starring a Who’s Who line up of young talent and written by Kevin Williamson. Yes, the real Dawson himself penned this nifty little sci-fi horror treat for the masses, and Rodriguez even had time to spawn a series of commercials for Tommy Hilfiger featuring the cast. Weird, but what’s weirder is the unlikely pairing of Williamson and Rodriguez. Geeky movie inside jokes and trivia are everywhere you look, and every player in the film gets it enough to put on a super sincere performance that only works to make it that much more fun. Plot time: A group of teens discover that aliens may have overrun their little town, body snatcher types that look no different from their human counterparts. The only way to out them is to force them to snort a concoction from Zeke’s (a perfect Josh Hartnett) DYI meth-at-home kit. How does the group plot their course? By referencing other movies that broke the sci-fi mold, of course! Elijah Wood is brilliant as the nerd, Clea Duvall is superb as the basket case- hold the phone, BC. Are you talking about a Breakfast club remake, or something? In a way, yes. It’s John Hughes after a tequila-lubed one nighter with John Carpenter, Sam Raimi and a stack of old video classics. Guaranteed to jack you up, and put a smile on your face. The Faculty ages like wine and plays like the drive in classic it is destined to become.

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