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07 May 2010

A Glorious Dawn (A Symphony of Science music video)

created by John Boswell

John Boswell, you’s a sexy bitch! Those of you who haven’t tuned into see Boswell’s masterworks need to get the hell to the Symphony of Science website to feast your eyes on some of the finest editing and scoring this side of Saturn. Starting with an amazing beatbox-like intro from Carl Sagan, Boswell’s A Glorious Dream takes the words of noted scientists such as Sagan, Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking (to name a few) and jettisons them straight into the Sexy-First century. Sagan’s vocodered musings about the universe and our place in its infinite vastness is as mellow and make out inducing as a Robin Thicke slow jam. It will leave you longing to be some-when else in time, gazing not on a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. Did Boswell’s master plan include producing baby making music for nerds? I’m not sure, but he hit cosmic pay dirt with these truly inspired music videos. I am highlighting A Glorious Dawn for two reasons. 1: It’s my favorite of Boswell’s series. 2: It has been nominated for a Webby, the internet’s Oscar. John Boswell, you are the Barry White of musical renderings of popular science.

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