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10 May 2010

Iron Man 2

directed by Jon Favreau

Is it as good version 1.0? Not at all, but it’s got a bonkers Robert Downey Jr., a Don Cheadle who trumps the Howard of the original, and a smarmy Sam Rockwell playing jealous little brother to Downey Jr.’s Stark. And the cherry on top of this comic action force is a slimy and sensational Mickey Rourke so entertaining he makes sitting on a cot with a bird on his knee look badass. Too many cooks (Scarlett Johansson, what was your comic codename supposed to be? And why were you in any way vital to the plot?) make for a shitty stew, but it’s the actors that keep it fun. Gwenyth Paltrow is underused, as is that plot thing everyone keeps talking about.  Yes, the film doesn’t seem to go very far, or deal with a fully formed plot, and maybe writing and acting wiz Justin Theroux is to blame, but it’s certainly not as aggravatingly bad as the geeks would have you believe. 

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