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12 May 2010

My Body is a Cage (an Arcade Fire video), All I Need (a Radiohead video)

directed by J. Tyler Helms

I was preparing to write a review for the magnificent J. Tyler Helms Arcade Fire video for their song, My Body is a Cage when I decided to give the video one more look. I have loved this video for some time, and when my Google search yielded a website for Helms, I had the good fortune of feasting upon his other dazzling filmic jewel, a video for Radiohead’s All I Need in which he combined the song with a splicing of scenes from one of my favorite films, French insect film Microcosmos. Peep my earlier reviews for both of these truly wonderful films, but get a load of Mr. H’s genius at work in both cases. For Cage, Helms creatively edits the operatic climax from Sergio Leone’s masterpiece to bring a whole new level to Arcade Fire’s sleazy (beautifully, elegantly sleazy) metaphor for coitus. Frankly, any chance to see Henry Fonda embody pure evil is well worth it, and Charles Bronson’s performance in that film stacks up with some of the finest in cinema. Helms bring a depth, a resonance to a song that can hold its own weight, and the result is tear-inducing. In All I Need, Helms combines the imagery with context to evoke a surreal and hypnotic quality prevalent in much of Radiohead’s canon. It makes me want to pop in Microcosmos and drop In Rainbows on the record player, Wizard of Oz slash Pink Floyd style, just to see what happens. My guess is it may blow my mind.
My Body is a Cage

All I Need

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