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09 May 2010

My Life, My Card (an American Express commercial)

directed by Wes Anderson

It’s a whirlwind of hilarious, bat shit craziness, lovable pomp and idiosyncratic particularity that defines Wes Anderson’s highly entertaining American Express commercial from a few years ago. American Express struck out with the weird and lame Shyamalan spots, but struck gold with Anderson’s comic peek behind the scenes of a movie set, equipped with everything from an exploding car to a Jason Schwartzman. The strange thing is that, as contrived as that whole sequence was, it doesn’t make it any less indicative of Wes Anderson’s style, vision, and focus as an artist. What makes a true artist is the ability to see that artist in every work, and even if that one commercial was your only glimpse into Anderson’s head, you somehow get the entire picture right there. You know exactly what he is about.  And the pseudo one take makes for a highly entertaining ride.

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