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10 May 2010

Night Train (a Chanel No. 5 commercial)

directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Perhaps it’s the passage of time, but never has Jean-Pierre Jeunet so obviously displayed just how deeply in love he is with Audrey Tautou as he does in his wonderful Chanel No. 5 commercial, Night Train. Jeunet is a hardcore romantic, ever starry eyed, regardless of how desperate the context. Even in the throes of childhood terror, manifested as a disorienting harbor city perpetually shrouded in darkness, Jeunet finds a light to guide his audience. In Amelie, the light was the truly radiant Ms. Tautou, and she brought to Jeunet’s affectionately dysfunctional world a tenderness all her own. In A Very Long Engagement, the intoxicating effects hadn’t worn off of the marvelous director, and once again she dazzled. The two will bring another feature film to the world soon enough, but for now be sure to watch Mr. J continue to be so enamored of Audrey Tautou so as to render all other elements (as beautifully treated as they are) mute. A romance, a train, and the wonderful amber tones that make up all things Jeunet, Chanel’s stroke of genius will melt your heart.

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