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25 May 2010

Planet Earth

created by the BBC

When the BBC wants to put on a show, they put on one hell of an effing show. Life in the Undergrowth was a dazzling peek into the universe beneath our feet, and Life (the one narrated by David Attenborough, not Oprah) was a mind blower, and the Blue Planet series contains some of the most amazing underwater visuals beheld by humans. Planet Earth is so sweeping in its scope, so stunning in its realization that it simply dwarves all other attempts on the subject, save for its aforementioned counterparts, produced and released by the same company. Watching a legit BBC nature series is like seeing the world through new eyes, experiencing things you never knew existed, like giant centipedes that feed on bats, or the haunting majesty of a tundra forest. Hell, even organisms like grass take on an almost otherworldly property when glimpsed through the ever enthralled eye of the BBC camera crew. The truly curious will have already consumed these series with a ravenous verve, but those of you who haven’t gotten a load need to check every single one I named above.
Favorite sequences: The African wild dogs, the shark attacks, and the mountain goat sequences.

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  1. yes it is awesome... But because of my unnatural bias towards oprah, I could not watch the ones narrated by her. I knew it would be awesome imagery, but I hate oprah. Discovery channel is what TLC used to be before reality shows were discovered. Damn I'm old, I remember when the only science channels we had were PBS and TLC. Tangents and rants off!


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