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18 May 2010

Rabbit in Your Headlights (a Radiohead video)

directed by Jonathan Glazer

Jonathan Glazer was the talent who brought an artist’s eye to the stellar gangster film Sexy Beast, but before he was making features he was dazzling teens like me with his knockout music videos. And none of his music videos disturb and intrigue like his truly marvelous video for UNKLE’s Rabbit in Your Headlights, featuring the voice talent of Thom Yorke in full aural hypnotist mode. UNKLE, for those of you who are going “huh?” right now, is the epochal pairing of DJ Shadow and James Lavelle who, together, formed a kind of electronic super group, and their album, Psyence Fiction, represented the best of the best of the hip hop, trip hop, electronic, and alt rock worlds. For Rabbit, Glazer’s lens finds a man stumbling through a busy tunnel, narrowly (sometimes less than narrowly) missing collisions with various speedy travelers, while Yorke’s surreal croon seems to drown out the entire universe, until the mind boggling crescendo, that is. Again, this is one of those videos that blew doors off everything when it first came out, just like Duran Duran’s groundbreaking on location videos did in the 80s, only this time, the envelope is a little beyond the quaint notion of filming outdoors and, therefore, a bit more difficult to push. Mission accomplished, Mr. G.

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