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12 May 2010

Sabotage (a Beastie Boys video)

directed by Spike Jonze

The ultimate badass music video takes the form of one rollicking, balls out cop drama starring various aliases of the Beastie Boys universe. MCA, Ad Rock and Mike D chase, shoot, speed and walk talkie the hell out of a fully realized film condensed into one righteous trailer. Sabotage has long since come to define the hardcore meets hip hop chaos of the Beastie Boys, and Jonze finds a way to compliment the signature song with a style as reckless and vibrant as anything you have ever seen. Car chases, mustaches and disguises abound, as does the level of testosterone and general kick assery of a Jonze trademark: pure energy and in your face lust for life. Those of you who remember seeing this video for the first time can remember it coming out of nowhere like the best sucker punch ever, and for those of you who have only watched this classic on the Spike Jonze compilation DVD have, sadly, missed out on the sweet pleasure of knowing what the world was like before this video. We can never go back, and we are all the better for it. As I think about all of the groundbreaking filmic talents who have emerged from the realm of the music video, I am shocked that this once indispensible medium has seemed to die a quiet death. Now, it has to be hunted, tracked through the internet jungle and glimpsed like an endangered species. There was a time, however, when unicorns like this romped through the television countryside for all to enjoy. 
Sabotage (avec a little behind the scenes action)

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