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09 May 2010

Warrior's Dance (The Prodigy video)

directed by Colin Hardy

It’s no classic, but when I stumble upon something that seems to enjoy itself as much as Colin Hardy’s video for the newly released single from The Prodigy (remember? Firestarter? Remember? Fat of the Land?), I feel the need to share. Revolving around a few packs of smokes that come alive, barge into a closed pub, have a rager, then burn the mother, Hardy’s video has a kind of crunked out, shit faced, reckless direction that fits well with the song, and the entire packages read like something out of The Matrix Revolutions, but with pseudo stop motion animated objects. I dig the song, too, but let’s just say I’m not breaking down the record store door to get my own copy. Hardy shows promise, which makes me excited to see what else he can do, and apparently his Yeti based, Sam Raimi involved horror film is set to start soon. I have to admit, I’m excited to see a murderous cryptozoological creature menacing a group of hikers, a small town, or whatever the hell plot device Hardy has penciled into his modern fable.

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