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23 June 2010

Back to the Future

directed by Robert Zemeckis

It’s the heaviest of all time travel films, according to Marty McFly, but it’s also one of the most well known and most triumphant of its kind. Michael J. Fox is iconic as Marty, slacker son of a timid father and drunken mother, a typical youth who just wants his band to make it and play the school dance. But the school board has News for Marty (wow, BC. That’s some gentle comedy and one hell of a vague musical reference…): no dice on the dance. It seems like the heart of rock and roll is terminal, but Marty hardly has time to sulk before his kook bud, Doc Brown (a loony and priceless Christopher Lloyd), wakes him up to show him his newest invention. I’m talking, of course, about the time machine, a tricked out DeLorean that can go where no cars go (OMG, BC! Enough with the weirdo musical references.), into the past! The Irish bug accidently launches himself back to 1955, where his mom thinks he’s dreamy, his dad’s a sci-fi geek and his whole existence is at stake! Does he get out of his temporal pickle? Yes, and the success of the film spawned two sequels. Back to the Future II was righteous, and III was okay, though very much for the kiddies. It’s a necessary evil as it rounds out the story and makes all right with the universe, Kill Bill style, but the first one is still as awesome today as it was when it came out. Lloyd is perfect, Lea Thompson is sugar sweet with a delicious edge, and legendary oddball Crispin Glover delivers in- what’s higher than spades?- as George McFly, slacker dad who proves his mettle against Biff (Thomas F. Wilson is tough shit, high school badass incarnate. Bravo). Back to the Future is a classic that will only get better with age, like the finest Caduceus from Maynard’s severe vineyard (that’s not even clever. Jeez, why am I reading this?).

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