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08 June 2010

Cousins (a Vampire Weekend music video)

directed by Garth Jennings

I’m about to get a little trendy and hipster on that ass, so brace yourself…

When I first heard about Vampire Weekend, I (like all no good hipsters) immediately, and without hearing a note, pawned them off as trendy and lame. I mean, hell, they were on the radio and BS pseudo reality soundtracks like all the other musical blights. Surprisingly (for me that is, because usually this never happens), it was VW’s SNL performance a few weeks ago that won me over. They were just too much fun to hate, like the lovable nephew of The Postal Service (minus the neuroses) and The Cold War Kids (minus the thinly veiled arrogance). Needless to say, I gave them a shot and bought their newest album, Contra. And you know what? That shit is fun as hell, a fantastic blend of electronic geekery and southern slash island flair. That being said, Garth Jennings’s music video for their single, Cousins, is as much fun to watch as VW’s song is to listen to. It’s so ramshackle, so low-fi, but it celebrates its obvious amateurish nature, making it a super excellent exploration of a good time. You can see the dolly tracks in almost every scene, and that is in no way a mistake, as if looking behind the curtain makes the illusion even more fun. The video is electric, vibrant and joyous, just as much as VW’s entire album, and the result is a great little package that leaves you wanting more. As far as the music video’s job is concerned, mission accomplished. The album is pretty friggin badass, too, btw.

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