What movie was that...?

20 June 2010


directed by Michael Lehmann

It’s black comedy at its finest, and Michael Lehmann’s Heathers is friggin ridiculous, and friggin awesome, at every turn. Script genius Daniel Waters later tapped the Batman myth for Tim Burton’s underappreciated Batman Returns, but his stride is most apparent in this tale of high school popularity gone batshit. Winona Ryder is a snide and snarky miracle as Veronica who, along with outcast BF J.D. (Christian Slater, doing his best Nicholson impression- oops. Sorry Mr. Slater. I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to bring attention to your “technique”), takes down a ring of attention whores (all named Heather, BTW) through a series of murders that the pair disguise as suicides. Too bad for them that the “tragedies” not only make the Heathers seem more appealing, but the act itself becomes a trend. This premise has been done and done again, and no other attempts have been as wildly fun and wickedly poignant. There’s a moral there, you just have to hack through the razor-bladed forest of the film’s wit to get to it. Have fun.

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