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10 June 2010

Little Monsters

directed by Brian Greenberg

Richard Greenberg’s Little Monsters has got everything you need all rolled into one cultish 80s fav: excellent 80s lowbrow humor that you just can’t get away with in a modern “kid” film; the OG world of Monsters, Inc; one of the obligatory thespian cash cows (in this case, Fred Savage) and that magical alchemy of youthfulness, edge and colorful imagination that has simply been lost on this new generation of Ipod rocking, Adderol infused social media whores. Savage plays his trademark snarky youth, this time named Brian Stevenson. Turns out, the area beneath his younger brother’s bed is a door to another world in which monsters sneak into bedrooms and scare the piss out of little kids. When Brian traps one, the monster in question (a nutso and excellent Howie Mandel) takes him into the world beneath our feet, a world of indulgence, impulse and pleasure. What more could a kid ask for? Things get darker when a monster named Boy (excellent character name. Very sinister.) holds Brian’s little bro hostage, he has to find a way to right things and get back to the human world, but the film is still a great throwback, a great conversation piece and a great source of nostalgia. I can guarantee that many of us got some killer practical joke ideas from watching Mandel and Savage screw around in Little Monsters. Reclaim what we’ve lost. Go check it out. 

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