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02 June 2010


directed by Jorma Taccone

I have to admit, the SNL skit turned feature film was better than I thought. That doesn’t make it good; it just makes it better than I thought. Jorma Taccone’s filmic debut fares better on a technical sense, but it is in no way awesome enough to overcome the flat writing and painfully dull points that make snails look like quicksilver (remember that Kevin Bacon film from the 80s?). Forte has a ton of fun as MacGruber, Rambo meets Mr. Wizard style military geek who manages to eff up everything he touches, and Ryan Phillippe strikes gold by playing his role earnestly and sans any sense of irony, which makes the performance even more hilarious. Kristen Wiig shines when she is actually utilized, which isn’t nearly enough. MacGrubes needs to stop his nemesis (Val Kilmer is right on) Dieter Von Cunth from launching a nuclear missile. As he fights his way to Von Cunth, MacG leaves a wake of idiotic destruction and (sometimes) inspired lunacy. It’s classic MacGruber, and the plot tries its best to follow in such genius footsteps as Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, or even John McTiernan’s fantastic Die Hard. It falls short, sadly, and the result is an awkward mixture of funny moments, molasses slow and attention-losing “serious” moments and throwback action sequences that will have you daydreaming for a legit Steven Seagal crapfest before the film even ends.

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