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14 June 2010

Pump Up the Volume

directed by Allan Moyle

Right on the cusp of the new decade (the 90s, of course), Allan Moyle’s film about talking hard and how adults just don’t get it comes fully loaded with teen angst, teen cynicism and teen smartassery that just won’t quit. Christian Slater gets his outcast on as Mark, new guy and host of a pirate radio station that rails against the square hypocrisy of the International Adult Conspiracy (nice Pete & and Pete reference, BC!). Off the air, Mark’s too shy to even talk to a girl who works in the school library, but on the air he’s Hard Harry, the perverted, sarcastic and musically well versed source of entertainment for the Arizona youth amongst whom he quietly lives. The proverbial shit hits the fan when a kid calls Harry on the air and threatens to off himself, then does it. Harry faces his most epic decision, yet: continue to talk hard and steal the air, or pack it up and blend in? The soundtrack rocks, and so does the Slater. Pump Up the Volume should be an essential addition to any film lover’s DVD library, nestled snugly between Primer, Pulp Fiction and Ravenous.

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