What movie was that...?

04 June 2010


edited by Brent Hoff

Remember that name, boys and girls. Wholphin. It’s like dolphin, with a “wh” instead of a “d,” and it’s that little difference that makes all the difference in the world. Wholphin is a DVD series (and has been since 2007) that compiles rare and unseen short films for your viewing pleasure. And what pleasure it is, from hypnotic slices of life to curious government films to fictional shorts, Wholphin has something for everyone. Try on the first issue, featuring an Al Gore doc directed by Spike Jonze, an amazing Grimm tale animated by Brian Dewan and a truly wondrous Iranian animation entitled Malek Khorshid, among others. You won’t be able to stay away.
What the hell is a wholphin, you ask? It’s a type of aquatic hybrid, the spawn of a bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale. They can be found in captivity, and allegedly they exist in the wild, though no one has confirmed this.

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