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21 July 2010

Bunny and the Bull

directed by Paul King

Paul King directed the hell out of the twistedly hilarious Brit series The Mighty Boosh, and he doesn’t let up on his sometimes hit, sometimes miss writing and directorial debut about a young man named Stephen who, without leaving his flat, re-imagines a road trip he took avec his slackerish bud, Bunny. Edward Hogg dazzles once again as Stephen (as you may remember, Hogg was the maniacally fascinating lynchpin on which the rednecksploitation spectacle White Lightin’ rested), playing the role with wonderful reservation and brimming anxieties. Remember Hogg's name, girls and boys. The plot is spotty, but the whimsical and aesthetic monuments King erects are treats in which to get lost. Imagine Jean Pierre Jeunet minus the lush sepia tones: Michel Gondry plus a delightfully twisted streak. King is hopefully going to direct a feature film version of the treasured (to me, at least) animated series, Paddington Bear, and that makes me very happy in my heart. If anyone can do it, he can.
Those of you who may not have heard of The Mighty Boosh, prepare for a dosage of madcap madcapness. Just like the Mandom commercial, I take no responsibility for any reaction your body may have, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Old Gregg

Crack Fox (be sure to watch all the segments)

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