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27 July 2010

Dark City

directed by Alex Proyas

While everyone has stars in their eyes about Golden Boy Nolan’s newest opus, we all need to take a moment to give props to OG sci-fi treasures like the Alex Proyas gem, Dark City. Before Inception, there was The Matrix (there, I did it. I compared Inception to the Matrix. Judge me if you must.), and The Thirteenth Floor. And before that, there was Dark City, badass, gothically strange Dark City, in which Rufus Sewell plays John who, after waking up sans his memory, finds he is wanted for murder. Jennifer Connelly is excellent, and a William Hurt I failed to respect back then is haunting as a detective out to find the truth. Kiefer is always wonderful when he’s being strange, and the entire plot of the film is like the Chuck Berry version of Nolan’s head trip. Not as technically advanced, but with a ton of heart, and it always plays the same way no matter how much time has passed. Give it a chance, and if you haven’t watched it in a while, then peel back those layers with Inception colored glasses. It may just take the dreamiest film in years down a peg or two.

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