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29 July 2010

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

directed Julian Schnabel

Julian Schnabel is an artist through and through, and his films seek to uncover a truth that all of us feel on the tips of our hearts. From the beauty of Basquiat to the haunting resonance of Before Night Falls, Schnabel’s eye sees things with a fresh life. In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Schnabel brings the amazing story of Jean-Dominique Bauby (Mathieu Amalric) to a claustrophobic reality. Bauby, the successful editor of French Elle Magazine, suffers a stroke that renders him totally paralyzed except for his left eye, an eye he uses to communicate and, eventually, pen a painstaking autobiography. Mathieu Amalric is shockingly underrated in everything he does, at least on this side of the pond, but his work in films like this are astounding achievements, like Sam Rockwell in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind or Albert Finney in Big Fish. Take the plunge and give it a whirl. And be sure to peep Schnabel’s other directorial artworks. They won’t fail to impress.

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