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05 July 2010

Get Him to the Greek

directed by Nicholas Stoller

Though it got a bit too sugary for my taste near the end, Russell Brand and Jonah Hill pull out all the stops in this gut cramping riot of a film based on Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall character, rocker Aldous Snow. Brand is rock and roll incarnate as Snow, channeling his own sordid past as well as musical icons of days gone by to deliver a cutting and uproarious depiction of a rock god on the wane. Yes, the great Snow’s career has been on the fritz since his musical abomination “African Child” and crazy love breakup from Jackie Q. knocked him off the wagon and into drunken obscurity. Enter the starry eyed Aaron, record label lackey who hopes to put Snow back on the map with a comeback concert. Jonah Hill is hilarious as Aaron, and he creates a wonderful nice slash awkward guy personae that doesn’t rip off any signature moves from Superbad homie Michael Cera (not that Hill has done that in the past, but peep Jesse Eisenberg’s hijack in Zombieland for evidence as to the effectiveness of Cera’s style). I must say, as a fellow citizen of earth, that I’m worried for you, Mr. Hill. You are starting to look like a snowman sans the middle snowball segment, and I fear you may become the first manmade man visible from space. I can only hope that you were carrying partially digested food in that pocket below your chin for some hatchlings in a nest somewhere off camera.

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