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26 July 2010


directed by James Cox

It’s not the most classic of all films, but totally worth a viewing, the James Cox film Highway relies heavily (I think) on your sentiments about the leading actors in order to pull off the story with any amount of resonance. That being said, if Jared Leto blows your hair back (see my review for My So-Called Life for my feelings about him) and Jake Gyllenhaal’s name alone gets your butt in a theatre seat, then be sure to peep this gen-X road film about two slackers heading to Seattle after Jack (Leto) gets caught in bed with a gangster’s wife. Scott Rosenberg’s script has echoes of his Disturbing Behavior slash Things to Do in Denver when You’re Dead kind of vibe, and none of his High Fidelity magic (perhaps collaboration is his more his thing). Empirically, there is nothing epochal or singular about the plot, and in many ways it’s just like a ton of other films out there, but it just may strike a chord with you if you give it a chance. And a frenetic John C. McGinley with braids and crazy connections, or a tweaked out Jeremy Piven never, ever make things worse. With the right kind of eyes, Highway can make a great rainy day watcher, or a sick day resting on the couch scoping the movie from a sideways angle kind of film. Just don’t expect Citizen Cane.

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