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27 July 2010

The Host

directed by Bong-Joon Ho

Once again, righteous horror embeds the anxieties of our global culture inside a spectacular monster film, in the spirit of such horror classics of yore as Godzilla, Night of the Living Dead and The Prophecy. And guess whose fault it is this time (again)? If you said ours, the good old U.S. of A’s, then winner, winner, chicken dinner. After some nameless Westerner scientist orders a bunch of chemicals tossed down the drain, a creature is spotted hanging from a bridge over the Han River in South Korea. The thing is a slippery, amphibious freak show, and after it takes Hyun-seo (an amazing Ah-Sung Ko) captive, it’s up to her slightly off father and the rest of her family to take matters into their own hands. Kang-ho Song was superb in the stomach turning Thirst, and he doesn’t fail to deliver in Bong’s story of the dangerous imprint our reckless lust for experimentation can etch on our fair planet. It’s an icky, darkly funny good time, but don’t forget about what I have been trying to tell you since Jump Street: From George Romero to Neil Marshall, horror is an amazingly ideal channel through which to meditate on the ills and flaws of the world. 

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