What movie was that...?

21 July 2010


directed by Christopher Nolan

Critics everywhere seem to be totally enamored with Christopher Nolan’s newest mind job, Inception, and this guy is no exception. That’s right; I’m not ashamed to admit that I, just like every other pseudo film lover and legit, non-cynical cinephile on this fair earth, have imbibed in the tantalizing nectar of Nolan’s sinister whimsy. For the third time in a row, Nolan has said eff you to opening credits, instead washing his audience up on shore with Leo like in the trailer for Danny Boyle's The Beach (kudos). From then on the story only gets crazier, and the amazing cast reads like a dream roster for any aspiring filmmaker: The one and only Leo, the always amazing Joseph Gordon Levitt, a razorish Ellen Page, a velvety and badass Tom Hardy and a wonderfully earnest Cilian Murphy. Then, on top of that, a truly stellar supporting cast, including a tragically underused Lukas Haas and Michael Caine, a remarkable Tom Berenger and Peter Postelwaithe, and a role for Marion Cotillard so juicy can practically see it oozing from the corners of her mouth. Plenty of other critics and sum uppers have given the elusive synopsis a go, and I am not going to contribute. But one thing must be made clear, one thing that all those critics touting the heart and depth of the film seem to have glossed over: for all its surrealism and trippiness, Inception is a film about a bunch of con artists attempting a glorious coup at the behest of a sheister energy mogul. Just keep that in the old noggin as you tear up over father son reconciliations and root for a pack of uber grifters. Hell, it sure didn’t stop me. Nolan’s weightless action sequence is guaranteed to blow minds, as is the massively textured plot. Now, I’m not some crazed fanboy: the film did have its moments of clumsy writing, but it’s a necessary evil. And the film did not patronize its audience like so many of its predecessors and contemporaries. As far as blockbusters, and films in general, are concerned, it’s a much needed breath of fresh air.
What would your totem be? 

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