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15 July 2010

It Might Get Loud

directed by Davis Guggenheim

From the opening sequence of rock purist Jack White building a guitar out of junk, Davis Guggenheim’s killer doc about the electric guitar pops off on a righteous clip that never lets up, instead taking you inside the genius minds of three of the greatest musicians of the last half century. The Edge is a sonic “architect” (Page’s term, not mine), crafting art through technology’s possibilities. Jimmi Page is the raw power incarnate, a musical force of nature. Jack White is the adamant fundamentalist, an advocate for the back to basics movement similar to such idealists as The Black Keys and Titus Andronicus. As the trio reveals the precious, precious back story about their sounds, Guggenheim weaves a tapestry of which you cannot get enough, instead lapping up the filmic juices like humming birds at a feeder. Strangely enough, as much as both he and Guggenheim try to blend him into the story of electric guitar, The Edge seems to be the odd man out, the one who sold his unadulterated soul for a devilish peek into the world of the computer age. This is not to say that The Edge is a crummy guy or a jerk, just that he seems incongruous in direct relation to such pure talents. In all honesty, I could watch a doc about Jack White alone, but that may be my musical predilection and hometown pride speaking. The three are giants, and that cannot be disputed, and anyone who even claims to appreciate music needs to consume this doc about what it means to find your calling and to use that calling at any cost. Get on the couch, Bub, and feast your eyes upon this good time masterpiece.

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