What movie was that...?

25 July 2010

Moulin Rouge

directed by Baz Luhrmann

I knew it! I knew it, BC! I knew you were just the type to fall for some syrupy, flashy overly sentimental mashup of every love song, musical and pop culture reference known to man. Man, I have you so pegged. Well, good reader, I feel close to you now, close enough to reveal such secrets about myself. And yes, btw, I loved and still love Luhrmann’s ridiculous, over the top musical collage about a young writer and his tragic love to one Miss Satine, the Sparkling Diamond. The kind of Bohemian, kind of made up French backdrop is whimsical enough to get me on board, and the saturated soundtrack and cinematography is rich enough to give someone a stomach ache. Everyone does their own singing, which is way better than the alternative (which had somehow become the trend but has since, luckily, passed on), and who could help themselves from falling for the amazing Ewan McGregor, whose smile would make the sun squint, or loveliness incarnate, Nicole Kidman? Go ahead, Grinches, hate it up! But just don’t do it around me, because I will defend the merits of such filmic delectables as Moulin Rouge until my dying day.

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