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23 July 2010

Raiders of the Lost Ark

directed by Steven Spielberg

The most recent piece of filmic trash notwithstanding, the Indiana Jones film series is probably one of the most widely beloved and most fun to watch of all time. Hell, even the goofy turd that was Temple of Doom was pretty fun. What’s not debatable is the fact that Indiana’s escapades are strongest when they stick to the fundamentals that made the first film awesome. By fundamentals, I mean badass action and a quasi Christian artifact hunt that may threaten to topple our very existence. And Nazis, pure, evil shitbag Nazis that only want said artifact to rule the world. Well, not if Dr. Jones has a say in all of it. In Raiders, the plot revolves around the search of the actual Ark of the Covenant. Jones (Harrison Ford, in full serial comic hero incarnate mode) is hired by the Feds to find it before the Fuehrer, and after he teams up with the always spectacular Karen Allen, the heat is on like Beverly Hills Cops to find the Ark and keep the peace. George Lucas is a great idea man, and the Indiana Jones trilogy (I have chosen to reject the existence of the fourth film. Ugh) is a perfect example of hiring out to your weaknesses. By getting Steven Speilberg on board, Lucas found the perfect talent to endear the characters, the story, and the nostalgia of the 1930s and 40s to moviegoers everywhere. Why, oh why didn’t you do that for your own series, Mr. Curly Bangs Lucas? Star Wars could have been so much more than the joke of a series it became.

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