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04 August 2010

Brokeback Mountain

directed by Ang Lee

Oh, get over it, already! Yes, Ang Lee’s masterpiece about forbidden love in the rural West is exactly that, a true American masterpiece that, thanks to the mammoth performances by the young and amazing cast, will echo in your heart for some time to come. Lee, like his films or not, is a gifted director who captures feeling so effortlessly that it enrages me. Okay, I’m calm, and I will not regale the plot that I’m sure everyone is aware of (How these two cowboys just can’t quit each other), but this story of secrets, double identities and the rigidness of conservative convention is masterfully told, thanks to the words of Annie Proulx, whose short story was converted into script form by Larry McMurty and Diana Ossana. As good as the script is, it is the actors who elevate the text to a raw and wrenching portrait of star crossed love. Heath Ledger simply astounds as Ennis, and Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway (who I begrudgingly have to admit was very good) are remarkable as the social and romantic cover for the two men. And hark, Dylan Tichenor ahoy! Good editors are hard to find. But don’t let the hype and rigmarole prevent you from feasting on Ang Lee’s treasure. It’ll be harder to quit than you think.

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