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07 August 2010

Broken Flowers

directed by Jim Jarmusch

Bill Murray rules in Jim Jarmusch’s tale of a two bit Don Juan in an existential funk. Jarmusch loves his randomness and chaos like a kid loves candy on Halloween, and Broken Flowers has both of em in spades. Murray’s role actually has surprisingly few lines (he’s no Sweetback, but he’s closer to that than Gordon Gecko), but he speaks volumes with a simple look. The soundtrack is superb, as is the supporting cast. Sharon Stone dazzles, Tilda Swinton is haunting and my man Mark Webber is right on as the possible drifter, possible son of Don Johnston (that’s Johnston with a T). I am still very partial to Ghost Dog, a truly underrated work of art, but Broken Flowers has just sky rocketed way up the list of personal favorite Jim Jarmusch films. The DVD also features a snappy piece of film work entitled Start to Finish, a collage of clapboard markers sprinkled with Murray quips and visual curios guaranteed to put a smile on your face. There are few things like a good, old fashioned Jarmusch film.

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