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26 August 2010

Dead Hearts

directed by Dead Man's Bones

Prepare yourself, for I am about to get my fanboy on. I so heart Ryan Gosling, from his breakout role (that wasn’t a breakout, btw) in Henry Bean’s tough treasure, The Believer, to his achingly endearing Lars in Craig Gillespie’s fantastic film, Lars and the Real Girl. Gosling is tremendous in everything he attempts, and unlike many of his professional counterparts (Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Jared Leto), Gosling’s musical efforts are not a catastrophe. Dead Man’s Bones, consisting of Gosling and Zach Shields, is the opposite of a catastrophe: it’s a full on double rainbow of phantasmagoric musical revelry. If they had prom in Halloweentown, it’s guaranteed that all the little ghosts and ghouls would be shaking their chains and sheets to Dead Man’s Bones. In Dead Hearts, artist and mechanical craftsman Arthur Ganson’s Machine with Wishbone creeps through a still life neighborhood, bearing witness to domesticity, tragedy and beyond. Ross Reige’s cinematography creates a surreal and hypnotic tableau, and Ganson’s Machine is like shrapnel from an Edward Gorey meets Jean Pierre Jeunet meets the Brothers Quay style dream. Dead Hearts is eerie and beautiful, rising to a literally shattering crescendo, then fading to a brooding melancholy that punctuates the video. And any film that makes me think of Yuri Norstein’s white horse is tops in my book.

Dead Hearts

This is just a great live version of In the Room Where You Sleep. Love it.

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