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27 August 2010

Disturbing Behavior

directed by David Nutter

David Nutter’s name is synonymous with many things TV. The X-Files, The Commish, ER, 21 effing Jump Street, Nutter’s resume reads like a list of television shows that spark copious amounts of nostalgia. But nothing stirs up such nostalgia like Nutter’s feature, Disturbing Behavior, starring an in her prime Katie Holmes (back when she wasn’t annoying), a budding Nick Stahl (excellent) and a pre awesome James Marsden (I love you, Mr. M. I just didn’t realize it then. Desolee). Marsden plays Steve Clark, new kid in school and semi traumatized teen in need of some friends. When local reject and general snarky youth Gavin (Stahl) shows him around and introduces him to Rachel (Holmes), Steve starts to realize that things in Cradle Bay may not be as they seem. The movie is awesomely crappy, and even now, just hearing Harvey Danger’s classic anthem song, Flagpole Sitta brings a smile to my face. This is a film that was a crap classic when it came out, and now that time has passed and I have had time to really romanticize this movie, the film is that much sweeter. It’s not good because it’s a good film; Disturbing Behavior is good because, if you’re like me, that summer in ’98 was one of those summers that conjure up fondest memories of irresponsible partying, gonzo craziness and magical recklessness, and the passage of time has only worked to make this film even more inextricably linked to those things. Always a good choice.

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