What movie was that...?

12 August 2010


directed by Ivan Reitman

You have to set the Hot Tub for the pre-post-Duchovny X Files, Orlando Jones as the 7 Up guy slash Julianne Moore having a bit of professional fun era to really get at the heart of this underrated comedy gem. Back when Jason Reitman was just a youngster, Papa Reitman was churning out comedy classics like Ghostbusters (please don’t tarnish the good name with a third, unless it rules, Mr. R), Ghostbusters II (I’m serious, Reitman. Only do it if it’s awesome) and Stripes. If you thought the secret to his success was to simply throw Bill Murray in the works, you’re only partially right. Though he has fallen off in the recent years, Reitman still had the time (and the good fortune) to give us Evolution. David Duchovny mocks his sci fi persona to perfection as Ira Kane, disgraced former scientist turned slack off teacher at a community college. His buddy is volleyball coach and perv, Harry Block, and the pair stumble onto the discovery of an alien life form that rapidly evolves to adapt, and wreak havoc, on the idiots of earth. Sean William Scott gets his Stifler on once again as Wayne, wannabe fireman who pals around with the ridiculous duo. Julianne Moore is fantastic every single time, and she doesn’t disappoint as Allison Reed, old acquaintance of Ira’s and the accident prone straight lacer of the script. All in all, I walked out of the theatre the first time thinking I had just watched a forgettable dud of a comedy in which nothing especially hilarious happened. It wasn’t until I began qualifying my assertion with remarks like, “The only funny part was this… The rest of it was lame,” or “Oh, and that other part was funny, but the rest was lame.” Before I knew it, I had quoted a majority of the film, and if quotability isn’t a good indicator of quality, then I don’t know what is. Give it another whirl, and if you still think it’s lame, then I guess you’re just cooler than me. Jerks.

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