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02 August 2010

La Moustache

directed by Emmanuel Carrere

Vincent Lindon is Marc, husband and seemingly regular guy, except for the mustache he rocks like a champ. One day, Marc asks his wife if he should shave it off. And with a few strokes of the old razor, the film is off and running, twisting and turning into a psychological and existential rabbit hole the likes of which I was clearly not prepared for. Vincent Lindon is quietly phenomenal as Marc, as is the rest of the supporting cast (Mathieu Amalric strikes again!), and Emmanuel Carrere expertly directs the film adaptation of her novel about identity and perception. It may lose you, but it’s worth the risk, because it may just smack you across the metaphorical face with a metaphorical open hand (metaphorically, of course). Jokes aside, Carrere’s La Moustache is a surprising euro gem that won’t fail to get those little wheels turning. And composer extraordinaire Phillip Glass (name drop, all you Stuff White People Like fans. Read the Classical Music Post.) creates another worthy score. You may never look at another mustache the same way.

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