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26 August 2010

Name in Stone

directed by Dead Man's Bones

Not found on Dead Man’s Bones’ stellar album, Monster Music, Name in Stone is one of my favorite Bones songs, and their one take tromp through a cemetery with the LA Inner City Mass Choir and Bones regulars, the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir (founded by Flea and Keith Barry), is moving and excellent. Recorded live in a cemetery, Name in Stone begins like a gospel-esque dirge, then swells to a darkly celebratory chorus that taps into something strange and wonderful. Once again, Ross Reige creates an amazing atmosphere, this time using natural light and black and white to give the video something austere and poignant. Songs as strong as this make me so excited for the sophomore Bones effort. Gosling and Shields should be proud of themselves for creating something so amazing, especially operating under the “What’s he playing at, trying to make music? He’s just an actor.” deficit that, conversely, many musicians like Mark Wahlberg faced when starting out as actors. Well, look what an amazing actor Wahlberg grew into. Dead Man’s Bones isn’t just a great music group in spite of having an actor write the music. It’s a great band because it’s a great effing band. Give it a listen.

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