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11 August 2010

The Original Kings of Comedy

directed by Spike Lee
Sometimes, all you need is a camera, and Spike Lee knows it when it comes to directing some of the funniest comedians to have ever played the game. Lee keeps the energy up and the laughs through the roof as he documents D.L. Hughley, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and the late Mr. Bernie Mac taking their comedy show on the road (the highest grossing comedy show ever, btw). With Harvey as the MC, the Kings let it rip about everything from work to race relations to smoking. When a pro like Hughley starts vamping with the audience, targeting members with laser guided precision, you feel how gifted these artists are. Lee’s work always makes a statement, whether it’s racial tension (Do the Right Thing), exploitation (He Got Game) or a charged crime thriller (The Inside Man), and in Kings, Lee is on point, and probably smiling from ear to ear behind that lens. Without a doubt, the highlight of the film is Mac’s performance: The non-watered down version of his sitcom persona digs into family life with all the piss and vinegar gusto of a preacher gone wild. Kings is a classic in whatever way you want to label it: comedy, doc, filmic statement, all around good time. Us white folks are always hoping for things, and I hope you go to see the Kings.

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