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18 August 2010

The Other Guys

directed by Adam McKay

Maybe I was watching a different film from those critics who gave Adam McKay’s newest opus, The Other Guys, glowing reviews, but I don’t get what all the fuss is about. I’m all for a super pissed Mark Wahlberg getting his raging self pity on (and kicking ass) and a semi-inept Will Ferrell gumming up the tough guy works, but some of the jokes just didn’t work for me, plain and simple. The ballet scene, pour example, or Will Ferrell as pimp flare ups (weird and strange) seemed at odds with the rest of the film’s pacing. By that I mean how could someone like Wahlberg, or Ferrell for that matter, be so delusional? It didn’t gel. The film did have its moments, and plenty of Wahlberg’s trademark psycho stare, but it fell short of McKay high water marks like Anchorman or the underappreciated Step Brothers. Maybe the magic of Will Ferrell is wearing off. Maybe Will Ferrell has finally done for me what Michael Cera has done for everyone else; stagnate. If it’s between The Other Guys and another film tonight, I highly suggest the other film.

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