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13 August 2010

Sky High

directed by Mike Mitchell
Disney’s clever little tale of teen angst, but with superpowers, hits the mark in the cutest ways. Sky High is flashily directed by Mike Mitchell (of Deuce Bigelow fame), who doesn’t win any awards, but talent like Michael Angarano and King Kurt (Russell, that is), rocking his amazing Overboard locks, make it looks so easy. Angarano plays Will Stronghold, son of Commander (Russell) and Jetstream (a chipper Kelly Preston) and, allegedly, a future superhero himself. When he shows up for his day at Sky High, a prep school for the superhuman, he promptly underwhelms his teachers (including an all star cast of B film heroes like Bruce Campbell, Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley) with his incredible lack thereof. Think Heroes, but before Heroes, and mix it up with a dash of The Incredibles and the essence of Hughes (John, not Howard). Bake at 400 degrees for 100 minutes, and there you have it. Add to the fact that the soundtrack plays like a class of ‘88 covers show, and you end up with a nifty, throwback cool kind of vibe. I watched this film with zero expectations, and I ended up having a blast. Those of you who dug the ingredients for this brew, check it out. Those of you thinking of ways to shut me down should probably ignore this one. It’ll just get you all riled up. See the kind of fun you miss out on when you’re a film snob, nitpicky jerk with no sense of fun or humor?

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