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01 August 2010

Streets of Fire

directed by Walter Hill

It’s a Rock and Roll fable. It says so, and Walter Hill’s films, as varied as they are, possess a grit and vibrancy that make him a true auteur filmmaker. In Streets, Hill tells the story of Ellen Aim (a sassy Diane Lane), kick ass singer who gets kidnapped by a gang of leathered psychos led by lunatic Raven (Willem Dafoe in full on insane creep mode). The only person capable of getting her back is her ex flame, Cody (Michael Pare is like crack for me), and the rest is history. Any film that combines a Pare and a Dafoe in one place is a treasure to behold, and Hill makes no bones about his greasy city rock allegory. He’s like a tough version of George Lucas (scope a pic, why don’t you?), a man who started his career with the raw power of Hard Times (which is one of Charlie Bronson’s best films) and The Driver, then grew his clout through more righteous films like The Warriors and The Long Riders. Mr. H has turned hisself into a producer as of late, but he is directing a crime film starring Pierce Brosnan and Giovani Ribisi, due out next year. I’m excited. 


  1. I've just been looking at Walter Hill's filmography and I realized that I've seen (and loved) the first five films he directed and nothing since.
    I think I'll be checking out Streets of Fire in the near future.

  2. You know, I found myself pondering this very thing just a few weeks ago. I was talking about how great Walter Hill was, and as I began rattling off Hill's gems, I realized that I couldn't come up with any titles from the past 20 years! Aside from Last Man Standing (which I mildly enjoyed), Hill has done nothing of note since the Reagan administration.
    Streets of Fire is a lot of fun, though. I love love love Michael Pare and Diane Lane, and Willem Dafoe is always a great time. With the right set of eyes, I think you'll get a kick out of it.


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