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08 September 2010


directed by Stephen Norrington

Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill. Thus spake Blade, unleashing one of the most stellar lines in film history, right up there with “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid,” or “Rosebud.” Most of David S. Goyer and Stephen Norrington's film is less than classic, but the concept is novel enough to keep you in your seat. A modern vampire film in the spirit of The Lost Boys and Near Dark, Blade was based on the comic of the same name, a comic about a vampire-hunting vampire. Yes, it’s very Dexter-ish, I know, but Wesley Snipes finds in the title character the role he was made for, even better than his turn in Demolition Man. Kris Kristofferson looks like a Predator with its helmet off, but he kicks ass as Whistler, vamp hunter and father figure to Blade. And you can’t spell B movie without the letters D O R and F, and another F. Steven Dorff has made even the cruddiest crud just a bit less crappy, from The Gate (in which he stabbed the hell out of that eye hand he developed) to FeardotCom (ugh) to Deuces Wild. When he and Christian Slater shared screen time in Alone in the Dark, it was like two B film Jedis battling each other using only the force. But I digress… Blade plays a vampiric hybrid, unaffected by sunlight and not immortal, yet possessing the superhuman strength of his blood sucking relatives. Unfortunately for him, Blade shares the same lust for blood. Uh oh, he’s like Ryan Gosling from The Believer, minus all the swastikas. Blade is awesome because it goes for it, just like Daybreakers did, and just like The Lost Boys did. All aspiring filmmakers want to make the next Maltese Falcon or Vanishing Point or The 400 Blows, but hell, I’d be happy with a Blade under my belt any day of the week. 
BTW: Is it true? is Stephen Norrington going to be directing a remake of The Crow? And is Nick Cave really going to pen the screenplay?

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